Sunday, November 30, 2014

ISR Hip-Hop One: Jay-Z Wears 5% Nation Medallion Claiming He Holds the "Royal Secret"


When talking of the lyrics of Run this Town, it can be pointed out, Jay-Z's use of the phrase; "Peace God" is indeed an allusion to the "Five Percenters" since "Peace God" is their greeting and a way to say goodbye to each other. 

The Nation of Gods and Earths is a sect of the Black Muslim Movement of the 1970's that originated in NYC and it teaches that the Original Blackman is God, the Original Blackwoman is the planet Earth, and through our inner esoteric powers as Gods and Earths, people can transform and possess their true potential. 

" Run This Town"
 Jigga's Opening verse: 

"We are, Yeah I said it, We are,
You can call me Cesar  (a roman),
In a dark caesar (a short urban haircut).

Please follow the lea-der 
So Eric B. we are 
 Microphone fiend It's the return of thee God
 Peace God... (Auh! Auh! ) 
And ain't nobody fresher I'm in Mason (Ah! )" Martin Margela.

It should be noted that Big Daddy Kane and Rakim and Busta Rhymes are known and open members of the so-called "Nation of 5 percent."

Rakim referred to himself on wax as the "god mcee" and Kane actually stands for king, Asiatic, nobody's equal.

Jay also ends his rhyme on H.A.M. feat. Kayne West with the phrase; "Peace God cause you know a nigga just went Ham."

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Friday, November 21, 2014

ISR Hip-Hop Radio: Hot New Artist: Childish Gambino

Donald McKinley Glover (born September 25, 1983), also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, is an American actor, writer, comedian, rapper, and producer. He first came to attention for his work with Derrick Comedy and subsequently became a writer for the NBC comedy series 30 Rock. He is perhaps best known for his role as college student Troy Barnes on the NBC series Community.

After several self-released albums and mixtapes, Glover records as the rapper "Childish Gambino."

New York University
Dramatic Writing

ISR Hip-Hop one: Jay-Z "Hova Song" Blend Remix with Unreleased Verse

Rotary Connection - "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" featuring Minnie Riperton is a cover of "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" from the Jimi Hendrix album Electric Ladyland. Swizz Beatz brilliantly sampled this Chess/Stepney produced track for "Hova Song."

Thursday, November 6, 2014

ISR MOVIES Presents: "The Book of Eli"

The Book of Eli is a vastly under-appreciated film that mixes martial arts swordsmanship in a post-apocalyptic ''survival of the fittest" setting. The movie's plot is pretty simple and has a biblical narrative.  Gripping, gritty, and intelligent. We enjoyed the subversive insinuation that religion can enslave as much as save. This movie shows both sides of that equation. Deep plot themes and powerful acting performaces by Kunis, Beals, and of course Denzel. One of the Hughes Bros. masterworks.

Co-Starring; Mila Kunis and Jennifer Beals and directed by the Hughes Bros.

Highly Recommended.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ISR Hip-Hop "Honey of the Week"

“The public is never wrong. When people don’t respond to what you do, they’re telling you something loud and clear. You’re just not listening.” - Curtis ''50 Cent'' Jackson

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ISR Living Inspirations Presents:


Artistic creation, sports, dance, teaching, counseling — mastery in any field of 
endeavor implies that the thinking mind is either no longer involved at all, or at least it
is taking second place to a power and intelligence greater than yourself.

You become one with your higher consciousness when your creative essence takes over. There is no decision-making process anymore, spontaneous right action happens, and “you” are not doing it. 

Creativity of life is the opposite of control of your life. Creative people become aligned with their greater consciousness. It acts, speaks, does the works "through them".  
- Eckhart Tolle