Monday, January 5, 2015

ISR Hip-Hop One: ROSHBANTU - "MEME ESPRIT" (Nigerian Rap)

Yé yé yé eh yo yo get these good vibrations hello in your ears sing my song for my people listen affirmative positive one love is what is underestimated in true no one knows what you never worth me of you I doubt I go or what I do here is your listening fervently defends you till the last drop of my blood that no doubt it's obvious protective eagle spread my wings come in my jungle that my world my nest joy inside me in its immensity floods force you to eat in the sweat of their brows people are tired so kindly offered this kind foster mother why deprive courteous towards each other humble take on these faults to a divine mission apostles oh lord oh god

at the same time what I say is not just about me, it's the same spirit at the same time what I think is not just about me, it's the same spirit

together for the same cause that of paupers is false note is the highest peak I always follow the hollow earth was much skin you nail is high crime of treason not going to stop your trivia sing me the hymn to love bitter around always finding quest looking for paradise to live in harmony too dirty rangers rotting smell that's served as places of strength count how our societies benefit from their existence in the center of a chessboard I advance a pawn will go there it's good stop taking us for idiots gone with the wind it every season between friend drags you in the halls too often will not spread myself out of pure respect and not drunk

at the same time what I say is not just about me, it's the same spirit at the same time what I think is not just about me, it's the same spirit

different colors one race only one arc sky every taste honey glow work has its place , leaving indelible earth collective memory footprint not born that my name be done is pretty ebony choir I have no full madness gender complex not do things under the pretext nothing vexes me without consciously challenging context raises awareness brothers and sisters this world is what ever we say our son and daughter of the cities you have the right to call for the honor of our fathers and mothers a tickle little they true that we've had enough of their shenanigans dirty deeds need real facts for all on the same direction we advance social cohesion and overall the chance to live decently is the time of reason


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