Saturday, May 7, 2016

ISR ONE: Tainted Roots - "Bambaata, The Pedo Accusations and His True Religion Exposed"

Art, even enjoying it intensely, much less having true creative power over it to make hit records. Can give one a false sense of godlike power. This in turn creates a HUGE blind spot in mortal men (Rick James, Chris Stokes, Chuck Berry, R. Kelly, Bambaataa Etc.) Lifestyles in private start to reflect the corruption of spirit-power in these men's lives. This corruption of the (creative) spirit takes on many perverse forms and actions in a mortal man made of flesh. 1:32:16


  1. 1:54:22 The allegory is most important. Amped up, pumped and prepared for the return of the mothership. 6 thousand strong in the arena lost in the frenzy, all 6 thousand waving the mano cornuto high above our heads from right to left, as Glen Goins prayerfully pleads for the mothership to arrive and land in the arena. All awaiting "the mothership connection" to occur, the climax of any P-Funk show. A moment of pure delirium for all 6 thousand in the arena. The transforming of "the star child" now allegorically complete. The pimped out, coked up, Dr. descends from the mothership.

  2. "chilling in the spot in a b-boy stance." standing on the square. G7 illuminated masons.


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