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Donald Glover

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"Renaissance Man"

Donald Glover - Renaissance Man

Donald Glover was born in California, and was raised in Georgia. His mother, Beverly (Smith), ran a daycare center, and his father, Donald Glover Sr., was a postal worker. Donald graduated from college in New York City with a degree in Dramatic Writing from the prestigious Tisch School for the Arts of New York University in 2006.

Glover then worked as a writer for the NBC smash hit comedy "30 Rock" (2006). Glover also got a Writers Guild of America Award nomination in 2009.

He is best known for his role as Troy on the successful television comedy series "Community" (2009) in which he has played in a regular starring role for several seasons.

Glover auditioned to play President Obama on Saturday Night Live in 2008, though he didn't get the role. His original stand-up special aired on Comedy Central TV in March 2010.

Glover’s new comedy series was just picked up for a 10-episode run by FX network. Titled "Atlanta", the television comedy was created by, and stars Glover. According to FX’s President of Original Programming, Nick Grad, “Atlanta draws on Donald’s considerable talents as a musician, actor, and writer to give us something unique. The story is made all the more powerful by the great cast and the contributions of Donald’s fellow executive producer Paul Simms and director Hiro Murai. We can’t wait to debut "Atlanta" next year.”

As if that wasn't enough; writer, actor, comedian, college graduate, television producer Glover also is an accomplished rapper who raps under the stage name Childish Gambino.

His 2015 "STN-MTN Kauai mixtape" shows Glover to be as fluent at Hip-Hop as he is at everything else he touches. At one point he even sings an Usher song on the Kauai mixtape and sings remarkably well I might add, showing range, perfect pitch and considerable passion as a singer.

Sample the link below to enjoy humorous, thoughtful yet edgy rap music, and join us at ISR as we salute Donald Glover, a true renaissance man of the millennium.

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