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Jaden Smith

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Jaden Smith - "The Cool Tape Vol. 2"

Being the son of a rich father must be tough. I mean it. We think it's enviable, and life is gravy and a piece of cake with everything handed to you. But what we never think of is; "the shadow".

Imagine the size and depth of the shadow cast over your life if your dad is good-looking, rich, famous, popular, a multi-millionaire, a business mogul, a hall-of-fame athlete, or a movie star.

Can you even imagine the immensity of the shadow that much light coming from your "MEGA DAD" must put you in, or under?

You are living in your dad's light, NEVER your own. No matter what you do.

You are known and seen, but you are actually IN THE DARK. For, you live in "his" shadow.

Jaden Smith, the middle child, and son of the famous Hollywood actor Will Smith lives in "the shadow".  And it's a pretty big one. It looms relentlessly over young Jaden's life 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And "the shadow" looms largest when you're young, when you've not yet established your own identity and accomplishments.

Due to his dad's powerful spotlight, Jaden is often seen in public and in the media, but he's living in the shadow cast by someone else's light.

All light casts a shadow. Which begs the question...will anyone ever see your shine with all that light coming off your dad?

At the very least all that light casts quite a glare. A glare blocking the public from seeing your shine clearly. Hence all the misunderstanding about who Jaden is and what the hell is he doing now. What stunt will he pull next? What movie will his dad get produced for them to co-star in next?

Perhaps a little perspective here might help. Millennials also called Generation Y, Crystal children or Indigo children are the largest generation in American history.

They are fiercely independent, in all ways; politically, socially, and philosophically.

They are spearheading sweeping change in America. They are children growing up with a black person as the President of the United States, and with an increasing number of mixed, mulatto, and interracial children as friends.

Many Indigo's have parents who are of different religions, and different ethnic backgrounds. Indigo children seem to attract an incarnated birth to inter-faith and interracial parentage.

Their parents are often MBA's, lawyers, doctors, Ivy league grads, members of Mensa, famous movie stars, Hall of Fame athletes, and millionaires and billionaires.

They supposedly carry special talents, messages, and gifts inside them in order to usher in a New Age of cosmic consciousness, greater empathy and compassion.

These multi-talented children have a high I.Q., a powerful intuitive ability, and a resistance to authority.

Indigo children function poorly in conventional school systems due to their resistance of authority, and being conceptually smarter than their teachers.

They have a powerful sense of entitlement, and an awareness of their own "uniqueness". Some would say a exaggerated sense of their uniqueness. Though this would explain why so many Crystal children incarnate to this planet into powerful, charismatic, talented, or super wealthy families.

They possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose and also exhibit a strong inclination towards spiritual matters from early childhood. They are avoiding or leaving the traditional Church in droves as they find deep spirituality in their gifts.

This new generation doesn't care if others like or agree with, or believe in this Indigo identity. This is how they self-identify. This is how they perceive themselves.

Cross dressing, bi-sexuality, androgyny and etc. only shows how far they will go to express their unique identity. It's deeper than a contrivance, or pop culture public image ploy.

With the November 2014 release of; ''THE COOL TAPE VOL. 2"  Jaden may be on his way out of "the shadow".

Jaden accurately and visually depicts the sound of young, hip, rich, Los Angeles in its most conscious, and progressive state.

Just some Indigo and Crystal kids hanging out on Malibu beach at night around a campfire.

"PCH" is an amazing track, you see and feel his slice of life. But; "Keep ya love", ''Electric", and the brilliant but lovelorn; "Let It Breathe" should not be ignored either.

There is more than one stroke of genius in all the cuts on "The Cool Tape Vol. 2", and in his many new collaborations with the vocalist; Willow.

Willow Smith his sister, sings the female leads and hooks and is also maturing in a surprisingly awakened and innovative way. Her voice has deepened and her range has widened.

Willow's contributions to ''THE COOL TAPE VOL. 2" shine every time she graces the mic. She is soulful, genuine, and convincing as a singer, and has totally moved away from the kiddie-pop sound of "whip my hair".

''THE COOL TAPE VOL. 2" was a VERY pleasant surprise. In no way will you find it a waste of your time if you are a hip-hop fan and have not listened to it.

Listen with an open mind to this 8-song collection. Jaden's lyrics are self-revealing, often too honest, self-aware, and too personal to be ghost-written.

Sure there's a Kanye swagger-jack here and there, and a Childish Gambino type flow at times, but Jaden clearly has his own vision, and enough of one to represent himself quite fully.

His word play is smooth, inventive, and articulate, and the production of the beats is clear, professional, and clever.

Overall ''THE COOL TAPE VOL. 2" has a unique, airy, consistently innovative, and earnest vibe.

Jaden comes off as more personable and honest, than egocentric. And his rhymes are brilliant and exceptional, not just plain weird.

Even with his dress on, that would be dismissive to say about him after you hear this music.

Only a hater could "diss" Jaden's clear evolution as an artist.

As has Willow evolved on her more recent solo releases; "Female Energy", "Nine", and "Flowers" for example.

But with a life that is laid out on a silver platter, it remains to be seen where the kids go from here.

Edited by James Clark.

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