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  "Halloween Eve" 

Jay-Z  - "Grammy Family Freestyle"

It was early evening, October 30, 2006.

His fiancĂ©e "bey" aka "b.b." played the perfect homemaker at the 76th floor penthouse he leased from Michael Hirtenstein.

His vast art collection including; Pollack's, Warhol's, Basquiat's, the work of Peter Max, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and more.

His Sotheby's art auction account is as lucrative and active as his offshore financial holding accounts.

He arrived to the radio studio stepping out of a blue with baby blue, two-toned chauffeur driven Maybach (62s) Mercedes.

He was wearing dark clothing with bright white leather basketball shoes.

Flex was delighted to see him and could not conceal his enthusiasm. This freestyle would likely be "one for the ages".

The Funkmaster knew from just one brief look in the man's eyes, tonight would be very special.

Flex knew the man had something urgent to say, and he just had to let it all out tonight.

Hot 97's airwaves were about to be lit up like a giant Halloween goblin.

Referencing "JesusJudasCesar and Brutus" would be no easy task.

Especially while cross-referencing Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" as well.
And the track used for the beat would be a jagged, off-kilter and syncopated rhythm, a perilous precipice indeed.

But the self-proclaimed "rap god" was so confident that he'd find "the pocket" of Kanye's beat, that he dared Flex, taunting him, allowing the Funkmaster to tell him when to jump into the track.

He was THAT ready.

And he was THAT motivated, having meditated upon the tragic parallels between Cobain and Basquiat, and how both Kurt and Jean-Michel were tortured artists, who like most kings succumbed to the overwhelming expectations their towering success had placed upon their lives.

This kind of lyrical performance would be a daunting task, but then, this would be unlike any other evening.

With metaphors ranging from Phil Rizzuto's W.P.I.X. classic "money store" TV ads, to the assassination of Malcolm at the Audubon ballroom and MLK on a motel balcony, these would be the rawest, most revealing words he ever spat.

The self-proclaimed "rap god" would begin with an improvised intro about the Barclay arena construction and the New Jersey Nets move from the Izod center into his new Brooklyn building development project.

This performance came at a time when Forbes magazine and Time magazine listed him as one of the most influential and successful American businessmen, including him in the Builders & Titans section.

The future co-owner of the Nets would use a basketball reference to close it out just like he began; with the converse all-stars of "the doctor" the former Nets and Sixers legend; Dr. J.  Yes sir, that summed it up best, with no need to converse further.

So here it is, expressed in focused, flawless, fury.

The breathtaking audio clip is below, called; "Most Kings", (aka "The Corporate Takeover"), from the 10.30.2006 appearance on Hot 97, New York's Funkmaster Flex radio show.

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